BadLand Publishing and Timsea Studios have revealed that Adome will be launching on Switch and other platforms this autumn.

The news comes alongside a new trailer (up above) giving us just a tease of what to expect when the game arrives later this year. Adome has players jumping, climbing, dropping, running up walls and shooting enemies in an "intense", parkour-style first-person perspective, which all sounds pretty cool to us. Here's hoping it plays as well as it sounds.

There's a reason behind all this running and jumping, too. Check out this official description:

Faced with the impossibility of reversing the effects of climate change, humanity decided to create City of Light, a colossal city protected by a dome in which to ensure the survival of future generations.

The city awaits the arrival of its first inhabitants, the Seeds, seven-year-old children who will be cared for and educated by humanoid-looking robots. Baptized as Instructors, they remain inactive until the time comes to perform the work for which they were built.

IB1, the instructor of Ark B1, wakes up from his lethargy when he detects the presence of his Seeds but soon discovers that the system has not worked as it should…

As you might imagine, the game's camera and parkour mechanics take influence from EA's Mirror's Edge, but developer Timsea Studios also cites sci-fi film Tomorrowland as the inspiration behind its locations. Adome's plot aims to discuss "loneliness, maturity and the importance of being in contact with nature".

What do you think? Are you intrigued by this one? Share your thoughts with us down below.