Dead By Daylight
Image: Behaviour Interactive

Update (Fri 14th Aug, 2020 06:55 BST): The cross-play and the cross-friends feature is now live in all versions of the game including Nintendo Switch. Here's the full message about it from Behaviour Interactive (via Nintendo Everything):

Behaviour has implemented Cross-Play across PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch. This follows a year of research, interviews, data analysis and the successful implementation of Cross-Play on Steam and Windows Store. Players on console and PC will now face trials together which will surely bring new metas to Dead by Daylight.

The ability to play with friends from any and all platforms was a feature widely requested by the community. Cross-Friends will also be made available with this release. Finally, players will now be able to create a friends list that is cross-platform and enjoy an unprecedented multiplayer experience in their favourite multiplayer horror game.

The Dead by Daylight team worked hand in hand with the platform owners to make this happen. After four years, millions of players, and countless matches and jump scares, Dead by Daylight is jumping into the future to meet and exceed both the rising tides of industry standards and the wishes of its players. Dead by Daylight, which has always been a place where all of horror lives, is not just here to stay, it is evolving.

Original article (Sun 19th Jul, 2020 16:45 BST): In its latest news update, Behaviour Interactive revealed cross-play and cross-friends would be "coming really soon" to the console versions of its survival horror multiplayer game, Dead By Daylight. This includes support for the Nintendo Switch.

Switch players will have the choice to opt-out of cross-play with PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC users, if they prefer. And if there are any issues (for those who opt-in), Behaviour will disable this new feature:

Once Cross-Play is live on all platforms, we will carefully monitor the data to ensure the stability of the game. If it becomes unstable, we will disable cross-play to allow us to work on a fix. Player experience first!!

On top of this, cross-progression is coming to the Steam, Google Stadia, and the Nintendo Switch version of the game this September. It will allow players to share their progression, purchases, and inventory across those three platforms.

We are thrilled to announce that we are preparing the first steps toward Cross-Progression and that it will be available for Steam, Google Stadia and Nintendo Switch in September!

Unfortunately, other platforms are not included in these plans:

As of today, we cannot make Cross-Progression available on other platforms and we have no guarantee that it will happen. However, we know that this is a community wish, and we will keep trying to make it happen.

Will you be returning to Dead by Daylight to survive with friends on other platforms? Have you been wanting to share your progression across platforms? Leave a comment down below.