Commander Keen In Keen Dreams Definitive Edition Switch Hero

Commander Keen came to Switch back in February last year when Lone Wolf Interactive published the 1991 DOS game Commander Keen in Keen Dreams on your favourite handheld hybrid. Originally programmed by id Software legends John Carmack and John Romero, it's safe to say the game isn't up there with DOOM in the list of all-time greats, but it was still pleasant to see the Commander come to Nintendo's console.

It seems that the Commander is coming back later this month--and in the same game, no less--in Commander Keen in Keen Dreams: Definitive Edition, releasing on 27th August with Diplodocus Games on publishing duties this time round.

This new version of the game reworks the original and adds new features, levels and more, according to the game page on Nintendo's website:

Commander Keen is back. In the modernised Definitive Edition of the lost episode "Keen Dream", Keen has to fend off a nasty nightmare about evil vegetables. The Definitive Edition features full widescreen support, twelve all-new levels - doubling the length over the 1990 original - and a full music score. The game structure has been reworked to make the game a more modern experience without sacrificing any of the original charm!

And here are some screenshots:

This Definitive Edition is priced at $14.99 - a hefty increase from last year's version which goes for $5.99 at the time of writing.

Did you play the original last year (or way back in 1991)? Like the look of this definitive version better? Let us know if you're keen on Keen below.