Carrion Switch

Towards the end of last month, Devolver Digital released Carrion on Nintendo Switch, a reverse horror game where you play as the final boss. With an intriguing concept, great art, and even better gameplay, it topped the list of our favourite eShop games of the month, but it has had one glaring issue not related to the game itself.

You see, players spotted that the game's Switch menu icon looked like... Well, something you wouldn't necessarily expect to see on your system next to the likes of Animal Crossing and Paper Mario. A quick search for comments on the icon online shows that the design has been rather controversial with some players calling it 'disturbing' and '[messed] up', while others questioned how it ever got through Nintendo's vetting procedures.

We'll let you make up your own minds. The tweet below shows how the original looked, and here's how some press sites initially responded.

As noted by Devolver Digital itself, the icon has now been replaced. If you buy the game from this point on or allow your copy of the game to update, you'll now be treated to this new design. If we're being honest, this does look nicer anyway, right?


Nintendo Switch menu icons have been a pretty hot topic over the last few years, with each game's menu appearance being super-important to fans. Last year, we shared a feature looking into the weird world of these icons and how some developers have been put under pressure to change them - so make sure to give that a read if you're interested.

Do you prefer the new design? Are you shocked to see that the original design even made it onto Switch? Share your thoughts with us below.