Waifu Uncovered
Image: Nintendo

This week saw the release of One-Hand-Free Studios' Waifu Uncovered on the Nintendo Switch eShop.

As you might recall, it mixes bullet-hell shoot 'em up action with "a light-hearted story" in which you de-robe one of eight "beautiful females" by blasting away their virus-infected clothing. It even comes with a "one finger mode" for when you're "busy with other things", as well as a "censorship unlock system".

Its openness seems to have caused some issues, as the title has now been pulled from the eShop in Japan. Here's the official notice about this temporary removal from its publisher Eastasiasoft:

According to Automaton (via Nintendo Everything), Waifu Uncovered's removal is supposedly tied to a scene that reveals some extra skin. The uncensored mode was reportedly removed from the Japanese version of the game, so this particular scene shouldn't even be on display.

During a brief second of gameplay, one of the character’s breasts is fully exposed. This is the scene in which it can occur

Normally there should be clothing or some sort of object preventing full exposure:

Waifu Uncovered censored scene

As noted by Eastasiasoft, it's now working on a fix to bring the game back as quickly as possible.

[source automaton-media.com, via nintendoeverything.com]