Launching on Nintendo Switch early next month is Ultra Foodmess, a competitive party game for up to four players.

The title probably gives it away somewhat, but the game has players taking on the roles of a variety of food characters, battling each other in what appears to be a pretty chaotic looking set of game modes. You can see some of the action in the trailer above, complete with lots of pushing, dodging, shooting, swinging, and more.

Here's a feature list:

Game Features:
2 to 4 Players on local multiplayer.

- 11 different fast-paced GAME MODES.
Choose from a great variety of crazy modes, each of them with their own mechanics.

Choose the food that you like the most to defeat the others and prove who is the best!

- It’s very EASY TO PLAY!
Anyone can pick up the controller and start having fun!

- Battle against the AI.
Prepare yourself and battle against the food bots.

Finish the challenges to earn achievements and unlock new awesome characters!

It's launching on 6th August and will be priced at just $3.99. Its eShop listing warns that you might just "ruin your friendships" by playing the game - which is exactly what multiplayer titles like this are supposed to do, right?

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