With another week out of the way - this time bringing a brand new Smash Bros. update, a new Animal Crossing update, and even an apology from Nintendo over Joy-Con drift(!) - it's finally time for us to sit and chat about our weekend gaming plans. Members of Team Nintendo Life have discussed just that below, and we'd love for you to join in via our poll and comment sections. Enjoy!

Liam Doolan, news reporter

This weekend I think I'll be allocating most of my free time to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. I tried out the new fighter Min Min earlier this week but haven't really returned to the game since then. Based on the few hours I've spent with this fighter so far - I'm impressed. Obviously her biggest strength is keeping her opponents at arm's length.

The other game I plan to spend some time with over the next few days is Pokémon Shield. I admittedly dropped off it, so the plan is to return to the Isle of Armor, finish levelling my Kubfu and make a trip to the Tower of Darkness. That's likely it for me, happy gaming!

Ryan Craddock, news editor

My gaming time on Switch has quietened a little over the last couple of weeks, partly thanks to the fact that I'm spending any time I get on The Last of Us Part II - which has been pretty amazing so far - and partly because I'm now waiting for Paper Mario: The Origami King to arrive later this month.

I will, however, likely try to squeeze in a little time with Pokémon Sword. I think I mentioned this last week, but I'm just a handful of monsters away from a complete Pokédex across the base game and The Isle of Armor expansion, and I'm keen to rope fellow NLife'er Liam into doing some trades. Then I'll be all ready for the second part of the expansion later this year.

Gavin Lane, features editor

I managed to finish the excellent Firewatch last weekend after starting it sometime last year. I enjoyed it so much that I’d really like to go back to the beginning again and jog my memory of Henry and Delilah’s initial conversations. It’s unlikely I’ll have the time, though – I’m currently playing something else for review which is occupying my every minute. Look out for my thoughts on that mysterious game sometime next week. Until then, have a good one.

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