Next week, Nintendo Switch Online subscribers in Japan will have the opportunity to check out Pokkén Tournament DX for free for a limited time.

The Pokémon brawler is the latest game to be offered as a free experience for subscribers, with the likes of Fire Emblem Warriors, Dead Cells and Celeste also being available in the past. Japanese subscribers can enjoy the game in its entirety from 12:00 JST on Monday, 27th July until 18:00 JST on Sunday, 2nd August.

Save data from the free version can be carried over to the full game, and those who like what they play can pick up the full game at a discounted price up until Sunday, 9th August.

If you're not from Japan but want to take advantage of this Pokkén Tournament offer yourself, we shared a workaround guide for the Fire Emblem Warriors offer, and the same tricks will apply for this new promotion, too. If you're wondering, we thought the game was pretty great in our review.