SteamWorld Physical Switch

Update (Fri 17th Jul, 2020 13:45 BST): Following a slight hiccup last week which forced Super Rare Games to temporarily halt pre-orders, the two SteamWorld releases are back up on the site and are available to pre-order. At the time of writing the collector's double pack has sold out, but both titles can still be purchased individually.

Original Article (Fri 3rd Jul, 2020 18:05 BST): If you're a keen collector of physical indies on Switch, this next option is one you definitely won't want to miss.

Super Rare Games has teamed up with Image & Form to release both SteamWorld Dig and SteamWorld Heist: Ultimate Edition physically on Nintendo Switch. The launch celebrates the series' 10th anniversary, and copies will naturally be pretty limited in number.

5,000 copies of SteamWorld Dig will be made available - which also includes SteamWorld Dig 2 on the cartridge - and there'll be 6,000 copies of SteamWorld Heist, both available at £30 each. You'll also be able to grab them both in a special collector's double pack for £60.

Pre-orders will go live on Super Rare Games' site on 9th July at 6pm BST. Each release includes a full-colour manual, interior artwork, an exclusive sticker, and three trading cards randomly selected from a five-card set.

Dig Coming Soon
Heist Coming Soon

You can grab the games for considerably less on the Switch eShop, but do you love the SteamWorld series enough to splash out on these lovely physical copies? Let us know if you'll be buying one with a comment below.