During the build-up to Animal Crossing: New Horizons' launch this year, Nintendo decided to make full use of its official Animal Crossing Twitter account by giving it a new lick of paint. Usually 'ran' by Isabelle, the account was given over to Tom Nook, with a change of profile picture and tweet style put in place to reflect Tom's unique personality.

Today, normal service has resumed and Isabelle is back in office. In her first tweet back in charge, she says that it "feels like it's been forever" and that it's "so nice to be back".

Traditionally, Animal Crossing fans have universally loved Isabelle for years now - despite the odd case of absolute Isabelle hatred - but not everyone's pleased to have her back. Thanks to her role in New Horizons on Switch, a large number of fans have replied with concern that the account will no longer have any news - a nod to Isabelle's in-game dialogue that regularly and repetitively talks about mundane, everyday nonsense.

It's strange to see fans turn their back on New Leaf's most-loved star, but we must admit that it's pretty funny seeing so many people sharing our frustrations over that blimmin' missing sock she never stops talking about.

We were thinking about which Animal Crossing character we'd love to see in charge next, and Twitter user @cantsleepsyd sums things up perfectly.