For any fans of the series who have been patiently waiting for Animal Crossing: New Horizons to appear, Christmas probably feels like an eternity ago. Regardless, this story should still give you a little chuckle to brighten your day.

Ian Cheng decided to surprise his wife Vera at Christmas with 36 Isabelle amiibo. The problem here is that Vera hates Isabelle with a passion; she says, "Isabelle is a useless secretary and is a brazenly corrupt official who saps money from your town while doing absolutely nothing". Ouch.

The idea started when Cheng spotted the amiibo figures on clearance for just $1 each. Hiding them all from his wife proved to be tricky, but he went a step further and bought a load of tiny Christmas hats that were supposedly "for the bunnies". The big plan was about to truly unfold...

The next step was to write 'Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year' on a selection of Post-it Notes, although a lack of scissors caused a minor blip in proceedings, and the delivery of the Christmas hats came just in time. The final result is something of a masterpiece.

Christmas morning, Vera apparently "walked right past" the Isabelles without even noticing them (we don't know how you'd manage that, but fair enough) but eventually spotted them when returning to the living room. In an Instagram post, Vera said, "Omg [Ian] planned a Christmas surprise for me and it's horrific". She later added, "of course [Ian] had to give me a joke Christmas present cos I guess that's the person I married". Oh dear!

We feel the need to point out that everything seems wonderfully happy between our star couple, so there's no need to worry, although the story isn't quite over yet. Ian also revealed that he originally asked the game store assistant how many Isabelles they could order in, and was pretty surprised by the response:

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