Several regions available to players in upcoming monster-catcher Nexomon: Extinction have been unveiled, giving potential players a good look at some of the areas and monsters they'll find on their journeys.

Each area in the game is said to be home to different creatures, challenges, and stories. We've already seen the nine starter monsters that players will be able to choose from, but let's take a closer look at these regions, shall we?

New Ignitia, Fire Region

Descend into New Ignitia - an underground volcanic city, built at the bottom of a deep chasm. The entrance to it is in a fiery region abundant in fire-type Nexomon, somewhere in the vast Solus desert.
The city itself is prone to attacks from powerful Tyrant Nexomon and recently Guild Tamers from Ignitia have been reported missing. Well-known for its quality pickaxes, making the long trip may well be worth it to pick up a new axe and help you mine elemental shards.

A Nexomon you might encounter here: Nekpanchi

Their puffy paws are actually deadly weapons, and with its natural instinct to fight, Nekpanchi can quickly harden them like iron to bash their foes.
Rarity: Mega Rare
Signature Attack: Fire Claw
Evolution: > Nekgiri > Felclaw

Solus, Desert Region

Tread lightly, there are many dangers in the Solus Desert. Tamers who do venture through this region will discover that it is rich in gemstones to mine and Mineral-Type Nexomon to capture. Travel past strange ruins, the skeletons of long-dead Tyrant Nexomon and avoid the attention of rutheless bandits as you head east to locate the desert fortress of Lateria.

A Nexomon you might encounter here: Rust

Rust uses its steel helmet both for defense and offense.
Rarity: Uncommon
Signature Attack: Headbutt
Evolution: > Rustu > Rustung

Frozen Tundra, Ice Region

While many think it is a lost cause, the Guild still maintains an outpost in the Frozen Tundra to hold back Tyrant Nexomon in the region. Home to powerful water-type Nexomon, many of whom can inflict the frozen status effect, the Tundra is unforgiving and only experienced tamers are permitted to travel there.

Those who do take on the icy climb will discover the deep ice caves, home to even more water-type Nexomon to catch and elemental shards to mine. To the very north of the region lies a cursed tower, which of late has been attracting even more wild Nexomon to the area.

A Nexomon you might encounter here: Cruff

Cruffs are naughty water Nexomon and very skillful at stealing items. When tamed they are very loyal and noble.
Rarity: Rare
Signature Attack: Water Blast
Evolution: > Croncho > Domigator

The similarities to Pokémon couldn't be more obvious, which will no doubt put some fans of the genre off and intrigue others in equal measure. It's launching on Switch later this year, so we'll see how well it performs then.

In the meantime, feel free to share your thoughts on Nexomon: Extinction in the comments below. Can you see yourself giving this a go?