Super Nintendo World
Image: Nintendo

Although Super Nintendo World's launch in Japan has been officially delayed, there's still new footage of the park surfacing on social media on a daily basis. Last weekend, we got a look at Mario's enemy Thwomp in action and now, in the latest update, someone has captured footage of it at night-time.

While it might not sound all that exciting, you'll see the Thwomp's eyes have a menacing red glow at this time of day. There are also a number of lights on display - highlighting certain features of the park such as Bowser's castle. Take a look below:

The park is now looking to open either this Fall or at some point next year. During the Q&A section of Nintendo's 80th annual general meeting of shareholders, president Shuntaro Furukawa explained a little bit more about what to expect from Super Nintendo World:

Super Nintendo World is composed of numerous attractions, shops, and restaurants designed to allow people to experience the world of Nintendo IP in real life.

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