Run for your life!
Image: Nintendo

Super Nintendo World's opening in Japan might have been delayed, but that hasn't stopped enthusiastic members of the public from uploading new footage of the park to various social media platforms.

Earlier in the week, we got a fantastic close-up shot, and while characters like Yoshi were moving and even coins and Koopa shells were spinning about, Mario's enemies such as Thwomp were still lifeless. In this latest video, though, we've now got a glimpse of this particular enemy in action, courtesy of the Twitter account @chizuoo.

If you'd like to view more of the park, you can check out some aerial photographs and shots from the ground.

Super Nintendo World was scheduled to open to the public this summer alongside the 2020 Tokyo Olympics but the plan now is to hold off until this Fall or next year, according to an update from Nikkei.

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