Namco Collection

Update: It has been confirmed that the DLC for Namcot Collection Series 1 will be returning to the Japanese eShop on July 8th. Phew!

Original Story [Thu 18th Jun, 2020 15:30 BST]: Well, here's a strange one. Namcot Collection: Series 1, a free-to-start bundle available in Japan, has been removed from the Switch eShop after players discovered that they were being sent incorrect games.

The Collection gives players access to Wagan Land for free, and then offers up several other titles for 330 yen a piece from inside the software itself (thanks NintenDaan). When a player purchased, say, Pac-Man, they instead received a copy of Galaxian, and similar errors were present across the board.

It's hard to imagine how or why such an error could have possibly occurred, but the game's removal from the eShop suggests that an update is in the works to fix the problem. Thankfully, physical versions of the game which feature all of the included titles as standard works as expected.

We can't remember seeing an issue on the eShop quite like this one before. Hopefully it'll be back up and running soon! Remember that Namco Museum Archives Vol. 1 and Namco Museum Archives Vol. 2 arrive on Switch in the west today, too.

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