Deadly Premonition 2
Image: Nintendo

Update: Version 1.0.2 is now available.

Original Article: Deadly Premonition 2 was released on the Switch last week, and as you might have heard, the frame rate isn't the best.

Now, along with this, the director and writer Hidetaka 'Swery' Suehiro has taken to Twitter to apologise for his depiction of a transgender character in the game. Suehiro promises to rewrite at least one scene but did not provide additional details.

Image: @Swery65

USGamer provides some extra information (via

"In USGamer's review of the game, Mathew Olson pointed out that the game has multiple characters using the deadname of a transgender character, as well as incorrect pronouns."

Last week, publisher Rising Star thanked fans (on social media) for all of the feedback regarding the game's performance issues and said patches were on the way:

We would like to officially clarify that the development team are constantly working on improving the title and patches are in the works.

Expect to see Suehiro's rewrites in a future update.

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