PQube and Billy Goat Entertainment have revealed that Supermarket Shriek is screeching and shouting its way to Switch later this year.

The game has you taking control of a man and a goat in a shopping cart (yep, the absurdity is already strong with this one). It's a physics-based experience in which making each character scream - with the man on the left and the goat on the right - steers your cart in that particular direction. By having them both scream at the same time, you can drive straight forward.

The aim is to make it through a variety of locations like supermarkets, boutiques and more, jumping over cans, dodging boxing gloves and leaping over burning pits along the way. There's a fair amount of humour thrown in, too - we noticed a supermarket called 'Pidl' and a bus with '£350 million' written on the side (ask your UK friends) in the trailer above.

Oh, and the developers have promised that this new release will have "even more modes and features" than the original Xbox One version, too.

- Story Mode with 38 whacky stages, can be played alone or with a friend in Co-Op!
- Unique Co-Op "Duet Mode", where you (and a friend) can literally shriek your way to glory by controlling the action using a microphone (Steam/PS4 only)
- 3 chaotic PvP Party Modes for between 2 to 4 players

Think you'll be giving this one a whirl later this year? Scream into our comment section below.