Earlier today, Zen Studios announced it would be releasing CastleStorm 2 on the Switch and other platforms on 31st July.

This is a sequel to the tower-defense title CastleStorm, which was re-released on the Switch eShop in August 2018. It mixes tower defense, castle destruction, and hack 'n' slash gameplay with new real-time and turn-based strategy elements.

Here's the official Epic Store description:

The heroes of the Kingdom confront the vile forces of the Undead, and you’ll plot your path to triumph for both sides in two epic story-driven campaigns. But not without some hands-on chaotic carnage and delightful devastation!

CastleStorm II returns to a classic fantasy land of medieval madness, rife with heroic knights, enchanting sorceresses, glorious griffins…and sheep. But a new threat rises – literally…as in, from the grave. Walking corpses. Headless horsemen. ZOMBIE sheep. All-around nasty necromancy. You get the picture.

Build an entire empire through gameplay that engages your inner hardcore strategist…then command – even CONTROL – your soldiers en route to triumph!

Image: Epic

Did you play the original game? Will you be downloading the sequel on release? Tell us below.