Shulk 1 Cropped

Monolith Soft might be best known for the Xenoblade Chronicles series, but studio head and series' creator Tetsuya Takahashi recently told Vandal how the Nintendo developer would one day like to explore some "smaller-scale" projects that aren't necessarily associated with the popular open-world RPG series.

I would like to do a smaller-scale project if the opportunity arose

Unfortunately, we're unlikely to see anything like this in the near future, as Takahashi thinks the developer should remain focused on increasing the value of the Xenoblade Chronicles brand:

But right now, I think we should focus on increasing the value of the brand that we have created with the Xenoblade Chronicles saga.

If the team can work out how to organise itself in a way that allows it to manage smaller projects, Takahashi says there's a chance of something like this happening in the future.

What kind of smaller games would you like to see from Monolith Soft team? Leave a comment below.