Getting hold of an original model Nintendo Switch isn't the easiest of tasks right now in the UK, with supply failing to meet demand up and down the country. The Nintendo Official UK Store is completely sold out, but some other retailers unfortunately appear to be taking advantage of the situation.

Checking some of the biggest gaming retailers in the UK brings up far too many saddening results. High street retailer GAME, which also operates online, has plenty of Switch console bundles available at inflated prices.

One bundle contains a console alongside copies of Super Smash Bros. UItimate and Luigi's Mansion 3 for £409. The RRP of these three products altogether totals £390, although GAME actually sells both of those titles for £5 under RRP if you buy them standalone, meaning the total should really be around £380. Instead, buyers are expected to spend £20 - £30 more, and a section of GAME's website shows tens of similar, overpriced deals.

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It's a similar story over at Amazon UK which is selling a Nintendo Switch console for £299 - £20 over RRP [Update: the listing has now disappeared, with all stock presumably having been purchased].

Some lesser-known retailers, like ShopTo, also have very limited stock. In ShopTo's case, buyers are forced to grab the console alongside copies of Cars 3 and Just Dance 2020 in a bundle totalling £329.85. The price is acceptable when compared to the products' total RRP, but forcing other items on buyers to clear out stock isn't exactly consumer-friendly.

The Nintendo UK Store notes that the company is working hard to re-stock products as soon as possible, so hopefully it won't be too long before options become plentiful once again. For now, you might want to hold off paying over the odds.

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