Nope, Super Mario 3D World isn't really on Switch. Not yet, at least!

We've all seen some pretty convincing Photoshop efforts in our time, trying to trick us into believing that certain sought-after games are headed to Switch, but this newly-discovered eShop exploit will make fake rumours look even more believable. Or at least, it would have done if you hadn't read this article.

Twitter user @JarylGaren has discovered a particularly interesting Switch eShop exploit that lets you look at full game listings for certain titles on Wii U and 3DS. As we've known for a while now, if you add a game to your wishlist while logged into Nintendo's official site, you can quickly view its listing on your Switch later on. Weirdly, this works for some games on Nintendo's older platforms, despite the fact that they can't be played on Switch.

That allows for screenshots and photos like the one below, where it seems like Super Mario 3D World is available on the Switch eShop. GoNintendo reports that some are already sharing photos like this in an attempt to trick others, with other games like Pikmin 3, and Paper Mario: Color Splash also having fully functioning listings.

Super Mario 3D World on Switch?
Image: @JarylGaren

You might remember that back in March, it was reported that plenty of older Mario games might be getting remasters on Switch at some point this year. Games like 3D World could well be on the way for all we know, but make sure you don't fall for any tricks using this exploit in the near future.

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