Developer and publisher Unfinished Pixel will be bringing Super Soccer Blast to Switch later this month, it has been revealed.

Yes, the creators of Super Volley Blast and Super Tennis Blast are back with a brand new sport to enjoy in their arcade-style series of sports sims. Just like earlier titles, Super Soccer Blast offers a lighthearted and accessible take on its chosen sport, with "fast and fluid gameplay" that should be a good match for those not so keen on the realism found in the likes of FIFA or Football Manager.

You can get a decent taste of the action in the brand new trailer above, but we also have a feature list and some screenshots for you.

- Coin-op inspired gameplay: Accessible controls that enable charging and aiming your shots, perform tackles and dashes, shoot lobs and more. Each move is bound to a specific face or shoulder buttons, creating an instantly accessible control scheme.
- Test your skills in different leagues and soccer cups in the World Tour mode. Football with the fast-paced and skilled-based gameplay of over-the-top classic sports games such as International Superstar Soccer.
- Geared for couch fun: Up to 4 players on local multiplayer.
- Customise your player from head to toe with a wide range of looks and accessories. Thousands of possibilities to bring to the grass pitch avatars of yourself, friends, family, your favourite players or famous celebrities.

The game's set to launch on Switch on 19th June, just a week after it's scheduled to release on PS4 and Xbox One.

Do you like the look of this one? Are you a fan of arcade football games? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.