Indie developer Milky Tea Studios has announced that HyperBrawl Tournament will be bringing its arcade-style sports-brawler action to Switch and other platforms this summer.

The game is said to be a "beautiful and fast-paced PvP experience" where players take each other on in 1-4 player arena battles. Players can choose different abilities and weapons to bring into the arena as they fight for control of the ball, before throwing it into the opposition’s goal to score points, and must try to master the 'HyperCurve', a trick which allows you to seize control of the ball mid-flight to score "legendary goals".

Here's some PR:

HyperBrawl Tournament features twelve intergalactic heroes, divided into three distinct classes: Swift, Core and Tank. Each hero has their own unique stats, offering a very different experience. Players will compete in twelve arenas spread across all of space and time, each packed with dynamic obstacles, from portals and risers to moving floors that make each match even more unpredictable.

Our heroes have eight mythical weapons to choose from, including the earth-shattering Slam Hammer, the lightning-quick Turbo Thruster, or the deadly, deadly and decisive Grapple Gun. As players learn the intricacies of HyperBrawl Tournament they can experiment with over 4,000 different hero and weapon combos to create their own unique playstyle, along with a custom-designed hero decked out with your choice of unlockable weapon skins, goal blazes and ball trails.

The game's already out on Apple Arcade but has been "rebuilt from the ground up to leverage the power of PC and consoles".

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