Update (Tue 2nd Jun, 2020 12:45 BST): SNK has announced on Twitter that SNK Gals' Fighters is available on the European eShop once again. No reason about its removal was provided.

Original Story (Fri 8th May, 2020 06:05 BST): Last week, the Neo Geo Pocket Color title SNK Gals' FIghters got released on the Switch eShop. Now a post on the Nintendo Switch subreddit by the user Vcom7418 has noted how it's been removed:

Gals' fighters was on my to buy list, but when I went to check it in the eshop, it was suspiciously missing. Barring a few comments expressing their confusion on the title's disappearance, I couldn't find anything. Why would a game be removed from eshop?

GoNintendo mentions how it only seems to have been taken down from the European eShop.

We had a look on the UK eShop and can confirm the game is no longer listed. The good news is it's still available in North America. At this point in time, it's unknown if it's a temporary removal or permanent. Admittedly, it was a bit of a surprise when we heard the game had got a standalone release on the Switch eShop.

If we hear anything else - we'll let you know. In the meantime, if you want to experience this small slice of retro goodness, you might want to download this game while you still can.

[source reddit.com, via gonintendo.com]