Sakurai's house

Today's Smash Bros. Ultimate presentation didn't just show us which ARMS character is coming to the game – it also gave us a nice glimpse at Masahiro Sakurai's utterly amazing home gaming setup.

Back in 2019, Sakurai spoke about his incredible console collection and dual-screen gaming rig in his regular Famitsu column, and mentioned that he has 60 different controllers, 4 Switch consoles and 6 PS4 and PS3 consoles – and that he unsurprisingly finds it difficult to manage all of that hardware.

Sakurai Super Setup

Since 2019, the situation doesn't seem to have improved. It seems that he's added even more consoles to the mix, such as a bunch of micro-consoles which includes a shiny new PC Engine Mini.

Amazingly, that's just his 'main' setup – he has a second home which is closer to work and that also has two TV sets and a bunch of other consoles. He uses the setup shown above during the weekends when he's at his main house.

Some people get all the luck, right?