Super Mario Party

If you're like us, you're probably still wondering why Super Mario Party on the Nintendo Switch never got any DLC. Of all the first-party games released, this one would have been the perfect fit for some additional content. Instead, all it received was a single patch.

Why is that? While we'll probably never know for sure, perhaps it is because the developer behind it - NDcube - was already busy working on 51 other games for the latest Nintendo release, Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics. The developer's involvement has at last been confirmed on its official website and in the credits of the game - with many of the Super Mario Party staff taking on similar roles for this project.

Take a look below:

Atsushi Nakao (Super Mario Party design director)

Design director

Takaki Kobayashi (Super Mario Party design director)
Makoto Eguchi (Super Mario Party game design)
Yuya Rokuyama (Super Mario Party game design)
Hiroyuki Seki (Super Mario Party game design)
Ryo Yokomizo (Super Mario Party game design)

Game design

Kunio Asahara (Super Mario Party game design)
Yukako Kawauchi (Super Mario Party game design)
Masafumi Ojika (Super Mario Party game design)
Yasuki Toyosawa (not involved with Super Mario Party)
Takayuki Ide (not involved with Super Mario Party)
Akihito Sato (not involved with Super Mario Party)

Chief program director

Tadao Shoyama (Super Mario Party program)

Program directors

Akira Matsumoto (Super Mario Party program director)
Atsushi Hamada (Super Mario Party program)

Chief art director

Takahiro Karino (Super Mario Party chief art director)

Art directors

Hidenobu Sasaki (not involved with Super Mario Party)
Ryoichi Okayama (Super Mario Party art)

Chief sound director

Ichiro Shimakura (Super Mario Party chief sound director)

Sound director

Yuhki Mori (Super Mario Party sound director)

Music director

Chamy Ishi (Super Mario Party music director)


Toshiki Aida (Super Mario Party music)

Super Mario Party was released in October 2018 and the new Clubhouse game was released this week in June 2020 (that's less than two years apart). Although it's quite possible the new Clubhouse was in development before the release of Super Mario Party, it's most likely been the company's main focus in 2019 and could be one of many reasons why we never saw any DLC or updates for its existing release. Keep in mind, this is all just a theory.

NDcube has become a party game specialist over the years, previously releasing Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival, Wii Party U, Wii Party, and of course earlier entries in the Mario Party series. Have you picked up Clubhouse yet? Are you still hoping we one day get Mario Party DLC? Leave a comment below.