Over the past few months, Nintendo Switch consoles haven't been particularly easy to come by. Supply constraints caused by the coronavirus pandemic have caused stock levels to remain consistently low worldwide, with warnings of supply issues beginning way back in February, but it looks like things are finally starting to change for the better.

A new report from Japanese outlet CareerConnection, which explains that many fans have been left disappointed after failing to secure a console in lottery sales in recent weeks, notes that Nintendo has almost fully recovered from its supply issues. This means that production of new Switch consoles is almost back to 100% capacity, although demand for new systems is still currently outweighing the levels of stock in stores.

A Nintendo spokesperson has told CareerConnection that production is 'returning to normal', but couldn't offer a concrete answer on when stock levels will once again keep up with demand.

Since the shortages began, we've seen a number of retailers taking advantage of the situation by marking up the console's price. Hopefully, with production returning to normal, we should start to see more and more stock appearing around the world over the coming weeks and months, putting an end to inflated prices.

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