Nintendo Direct, Koizumi
Image: Nintendo

Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa has said that the company still believes Direct presentations to be an 'incredibly effective' way of sharing new info, despite the fact that it has now been almost ten months since the last major presentation.

That last show came in September 2019, with all other presentations since either being 'Mini' Directs or focusing on single games. Of course, the current pandemic will have contributed to the gap between shows - a presentation would very likely have been aired during E3 if the event hadn't been cancelled - and it could be seen as unwise to promise new game releases when global events are so uncertain.

Furukawa's words come from a new Japanese Q+A in which the president highlighted the Direct format's success, but also commented on future communications. He says that, as times change, it's possible that Directs could be scrapped in favour of 'better' methods (thanks to VGC for the translation):

"We feel Nintendo Directs are an incredibly effective way to present information directly to our customers in a very straight-forward way. Inversely, times change and so does the most effective way to promote products, so there is a chance that a new, better way to present this information comes about. So we always like to examine all of the possible ways to communicate this information to customers."

In the same Q+A, Nintendo's Shinya Takahashi provided an updated comment on where the company stands in terms of coronavirus-induced game delays. Thankfully, games planned for the near future remain unaffected, despite slight concerns going forward.

Can you think of a better format for game reveals than the current Nintendo Direct setup? How would you like to see Nintendo handle new announcements going forward? Share your thoughts with us below.