It's three months to the day when we were last treated to a Nintendo Direct Mini, and it's been almost ten months since we last had a full-fat Nintendo Direct which wasn't dedicated to a single game or franchise. It's hardly a problem considering just how many wonderful games there are to play on Switch - we'll never get through our horrendous backlog - but it's hard not to miss the buzz and excitement that surrounds each show.

Thankfully, that's where this new video from YouTube user Switch Stop comes in. Called the 'Nontendo Direct', the video presents a mock Nintendo Direct presentation that unveils a fair few games that'd go down particularly well with fans around the world. Some of the games shown are already rumoured to be headed our way, some are a little more out there, and some - Mario Kart 8 Deluxe DLC, *cough* - need to become a reality immediately.

All revenue from the video above will be donated to mental health research via The Brain & Behavior Research Foundation. The more views it gets, the more money will be donated, but you can make another donation by visiting this page.

We won't spoil anything else, so feel free to give it a watch and relive the excitement of a brand new Direct presentation. We're sure the real thing will be with us again before we know it. Enjoy!

Thanks to Sander for the tip!