Remember the new 'PokéToon' cartoon The Pokémon Company released earlier this month on its Kids TV channel? It was an animated short inspired by cartoons of America's Golden Age, where series such as Warner Bros.' Looney Tunes rose to fame.

The episode itself was called 'Chase The Beans' and starred Scraggy - who is on the hunt for food, and Mimikyu who is seemingly up to no good. While we didn't necessarily get our hopes up at the time for more episodes, it seems like there's a good chance of more classic-like animations such as this, as Nintendo, Creatures, and Game Freak have now applied for a 'PokéToon' trademark in Japan.

While trademark applications are standard procedure, this particular one now has us wondering if more animations like this will be released. This trademark applies to 311 different products and services - such as video games, toys, and merchandise. On a related note, last week it was revealed how Nintendo had applied for multiple trademarks covering games, systems and more.

Would you like to see PokéToon cartoons become a series? What did you think of the episode starring Scraggy and Mimikyu? Tell us down below.