Image: Nintendo Life

Nintendo recently applied for multiple trademarks on 12th May 2020 and each one has now been published. First up, is a trademark for the upcoming Switch release, Paper Mario: The Origami King, which is due out on 17th July. The other game mentioned is the much older 2006 Wii title, Excite Truck.

It doesn't end there, though. On the hardware front, there's an application for the company's 2001 handheld device - the Game Boy Advance, its 2012 Wii U system, and there's even a mention of the WaveBird - a wireless controller for the GameCube.

Last but not least is an application for Mii - Nintendo's customisable avatar first introduced during the Wii generation. Japanese Nintendo also mentions the categories each of these trademarks has been filed under:

The Game Boy Advance and Wii U applications are under the categories machinery and equipment and toys with the Wii U also being under education/entertainment. Both Paper Mario applications and Excite Truck are under the machinery and equipment category, Wavebird is under toys, and Mii is under both machinery and equipment and education/entertainment.

This is the most trademarks Nintendo has applied for since the start of this year. Back in January, it applied for 39 trademarks. Of course, trademark applications don't necessarily mean there are any new games or products on the horizon and are often just to protect IP - so try not to get too excited.

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