Kingdom Hearts is set to receive its first entry on Nintendo Switch, Square Enix has confirmed. A brand new title called Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory will launch later this year on Nintendo's system, as well as PS4 and Xbox One.

The game is a rhythm action title featuring plenty of characters from the beloved series. A new trailer has been released on Square Enix's Japanese YouTube channel, which you can see above, and we also have a translated description thanks to Gematsu:

Many characters from the Kingdom Hearts series appear as playable characters!

Depending on the stage, Disney characters will appear as guests and lend you their strength. The game features a massive catalog of over 140 songs, including music from the Kingdom Hearts series, Disney, and more. Enjoy rhythm-based action through unforgettable music.

There are four play modes including online battles.

Judging by the trailer above, players will need to guide characters along a linear path by hitting buttons in time with the music. Characters can run, jump and attack enemies as they progress along to the beat.

We'll make sure to keep an eye out for more news on this one as and when it arrives, but feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments below.