Hardcore Mecha

Publisher Lightning Games is teaming up with developer RocketPunch Games to bring 2D shooter Hardcore Mecha to the Nintendo Switch later this year, it has been confirmed.

Described as a cross between Metal Slug and Super Robot Wars, Hardcore Mecha features three game modes – Campaign, Multiplayer, and Survival – and offers customizable robots, 'freestyle' combo attacks, PvP battles and loads of anime-style cutscenes.

First announced back in 2016 and funded via Kickstarter, Hardcore Mecha won a bunch of awards at the Tokyo Game show, as well as scooping a Developer Award at the PlayStation Awards 2019. It launched on PC in 2019 and PS4 in January of this year.

Our pals over at Push Square thought it was pretty great, giving it 8/10 and saying:

Developer RocketPunch Games displays a clear love of all things mecha with Hardcore Mecha, a side scrolling mission-based action shooter that tells a surprisingly engaging story. Taking obvious inspiration from the likes of Gundam and just about any other mecha anime that you can think of, it's a tale that's packed with cliches and twists that you'll see coming a mile away -- but that doesn't stop it from being a heartfelt ode to the giants of the genre. The story has some genuinely great moments, punctuated by slick animation and cool character design.

Are you looking forward to playing this on your Switch, or have you had your fill already on PC or PS4? Share your thoughts with a comment below.

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