Hi-Rez Studios' Rogue Company has been bubbling under nicely for some time now, and we've just been treated to some more gameplay footage which shows off the title's brand of free-to-play, 5v5 online shooting action.

The player assumes the role of a 'Rogue', who must drop into various terrorist-filled locations to take down bad guys. Developer First Watch Games is now in the final stages of development, testing the game's cross-play and cross-progression features, as well as balancing weapons, maps and character types.

One of the big selling points of the game is the ability to play against people on other platforms, but you'll also be able to carry across your progress and play with friends on other systems, no matter which platform you choose to use.

Scott Lussier, lead design at First Watch Games, took the time to give a special mention to the Switch version:

I do wanna say, it's pretty amazing to play Rogue Company on a handheld device like the Switch. Being able to play Rogue Company at 60fps as I sit on the couch and my wife is watching another episode of Love Island is a dream come true.

Rogue Company hits Switch, PS4, Xbox One and PC this year.