Modus Games has revealed that the release of its upcoming 3D adventure Ary and the Secret of Seasons has been pushed back on Switch and other platforms.

The game was originally planned to launch on 28th July, but the team has issued a statement to confirm that it won't be releasing as planned. Instead, it will now launch in September.

Today, we would like to take a moment to thank you for your continued interest in Ary and the Secret of Seasons. As much as we would love to release the game on time, events out of our control have delayed some important milestones. Therefore, we are delaying the game's launch until September 2020.

While our first priority is to keep our dev teams safe during COVID-19, it is always with a heavy heart that we have to push games back. We are working hard to finish the game, and the additional time will ensure we are able to put forth the best product possible.

Thank you very much for your continued support,
The Modus Team


The game has you taking control of the seasons and using them to solve puzzles, defeat enemies, and explore its colourful world. We shared more about the game a couple of years ago if you'd like to learn more, when it was thought to be launching in 2019.