Smash Bros. X Arms Illustration
Image: @SmashBrosJP

It's another special moment for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate with today marking the release of the ARMS character Min Min. This also happens to be quite an exciting time for the development team behind ARMS and to celebrate this very special occasion, it's shared an all-star illustration.

@SmashBrosJP In commemoration of the distribution, we also prepared a battle illustration drawn by the ARMS development team!

This fantastic piece of artwork (above) follows on from a drawing of Min Min and Captain Falcon slurping down ramen together. This illustration was shared over on the official Japanese ARMS Twitter account last week.

Smash Bros. X Arms Illustration
Image: @ARMS_Cobutter

When Masahiro Sakurai announced Min Min would be coming to Smash, he also shared a stunning animated trailer based on the same scene. If you haven't already seen it, take a look:

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