Yesterday, the world of gaming was treated to a Direct presentation a little different to the usual, fast-paced offerings from Nintendo. Called the Wholesome Games Direct, this laid back show introduced more than 50 indie titles that look ideal for those who enjoy relaxed gaming sessions.

Not all of the games shown are coming to Switch - indeed, some games are so early in development that platforms haven't yet been decided - but a fair few will definitely be popping up on the Switch eShop over the next year or so and some are already out as we speak.

If you play across other platforms and PC too, you'll want to check out the entire video, but we've got a full list of all the titles shown below and highlighted any that already appear to Switch bound (remember, more could be confirmed for Nintendo's console at a later date). Thanks to Reddit user Number224 for compiling the Switch-specific games:

[Bold = out on/coming to Switch]

  • Button City
  • Errand Boy
  • Ooblets
  • Kind Words
  • Snacko
  • Chicory
  • The Spirit and the Mouse
  • Spiritfarer
  • Sayri: The Beginning
  • Mondo Museum
  • Bird Alone
  • Little Witch in the Woods
  • TOEM
  • Winding Worlds
  • Tokotoko: Hako & Friends
  • When the Past was Around
  • A Space for the Unbound
  • Book of Travels
  • Garden Story
  • Dépanneur Nocturne
  • Calico
  • Rainy Season
  • Wayward Strand
  • Hoa
  • KeyWe
  • Tracks of Thought
  • Melon Journey 2
  • Weaving Tides
  • A Fold Apart
  • SkateBIRD
  • Unpacking
  • Sylvan Meadows
  • Haven
  • Tracks - The Train Set Game
  • Frogsong
  • Later Daters
  • Clouzy!
  • Creature Resort
  • Pushy and Pully in Blockland
  • Onsen Master
  • Old Friends Dog Sanctuary
  • Critter Cove
  • Roots of Pacha
  • A Monster's Expedition
  • The Other Side
  • BattleCakes: A Snack-Sized RPG
  • Alchemic Cutie
  • Pekoe
  • Ollie Oop
  • To The Rescue!
  • Rolling Hills
  • Himig
  • Orange Island
  • Misc.
  • Elliot & Ko

Sometimes, and especially in times like these when things can feel a bit crazy, chilling with a relaxing game can be a perfect way to wind down. It's a nice format for a new digital show, that's for sure, so we hope you'll discover a few games that pique your interest.

Anything stand out to you? Any games that you really hope do make it to Switch one day? Let us know with a comment below.