Duke Nukem

If you're anything like us, you may well peruse eBay every so often in the hopes of picking up a cheeky bargain. Complete-In-Box copy of Wave Race 64 starting at 99p, eh? That's got to be worth a speculative bid, no? However, it's rare that anything we bid on doesn't get sniped at the last minute, and even the things we win couldn't be called 'rare'.

However, some lucky gamer has managed to snag a prototype for a previously unknown Duke Nukem game for Nintendo DS. The game carries the imaginative title 'Duke Nukem DS' (not to be confused with side-scrolling platform shooter Duke Nukem: Critical Mass which did release on the console) and came on a development cartridge. It appears to have been developed by MachineWorks Northwest, a studio responsible for a number of Duke Nukem mobile games.

As explored by DScapades in a recent video, this isn't just a sketchy prototype but a substantial chunk of an unreleased FPS, with a total of 28 levels and a multiplayer mode included. After doing some digging, DScapades discovered that the game is in fact a port of a Duke game released for the Tapwave Zodiac, an obscure and largely forgotten mobile console from the early 2000s.

You can check out the video below for the full story on this hidden chapter in the Duke's console history:

From the look of the footage, Duke fans would probably have done much better with this on DS rather than the disappointing Critical Mass, a game with a sobering score of 29 on Metacritic.

Would you have given this a go on your trusty DS Phat/Lite ? Let us know what you think below.

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