The 2019 version of Samurai Shodown has become something of a hit, offering fans a solid reboot of the classic fighter while serving as the perfect jumping-on point for newcomers. It's also been supported by some post-launch DLC characters, the latest of which has caused quite a stir online.

Newly-released character Iroha is pretty typical of an SNK-designed fighter – heck, she's pretty typical of a female fighting game character full stop. She's got a massive chest and shapely bottom, and, upon her introduction in Samurai Shodown VI, was apparently designed to be 'mostly nude' – one of her specials actually has her performing a suplex in the buff. Nobuyuki Kuroki – the director of the 2019 reboot – has commented that he was against her inclusion to the starting roster of the game as he felt it would be at odds with its atmosphere – which gives you some indication of how sexed-up this particular character is, even by SNK's standards.

When the DLC dropped, SNK's official Samurai Shodown Twitter account wasted absolutely no time whatsoever in pushing the saucier elements of the character. As reported by Kotaku, the account started retweeting screens taken from Iroha's reveal trailer, most of which focused on 'physical assets' than her fighting skills. This stream of cheesecake culminated in the comment “We all horny on main tonight" from the official Samurai Shodown account.

Samurai Shodown Iroha

While a great many Samurai Shodown fans no doubt appreciated the sentiment – this is the company which gave the world Mai Shiranui, after all – some of the game's followers expressed their concern that such tweets made them feel uncomfortable:

Samurai Shodown Iroha

By Monday morning, it was all over. The tweets had been expunged from the account's timeline and were replaced by an apology:

Samurai Shodown Iroha

Given the ratio of male to female players in the fighting game arena, it shouldn't come as a massive shock to learn that the reaction to this self-censorship has been overwhelmingly negative, and has triggered a flood of insults aimed at those whose complaints led to it. Predictably, many have taken to social media to express their outrage at the fact that the tweets have been removed and that an apology has been issued.

Kotaku reports that it has approached SNK for comment, but the company has so far not responded.