The Walking Dead

While many video game rumours turn out to be true, a lot of them also end up getting completely out of control. One that's gained traction over the past week is about a potential fifth season of the Skybound and Telltale Games' video game series, The Walking Dead. It was even believed to be called "A Fatal Frontier".

In a post over on The Walking Dead game subreddit, Skybound VP of Online Content Brian Huntingdon explained how the team normally let speculation go, but in this particular case felt the need to speak up to confirm the "leak" was fake before things got out of hand. The official Skybound Twitter account followed this up:

One fan asked Huntingdon if season five had even been considered, and what the overall chances of it happening were. The Skybound official said it was "very unlikely" and that taking over season four was crazy enough:

I never say never in these parts, but how close can you get to zero? Especially in these crazy times, very unlikely. Taking over development to finish Season 4 was crazy, especially for us since we're not a development house.

So, there you have it Walking Dead fans - season five won't be happening and the associated rumours and leaks are fake.

How do you feel about this news - were you hoping for a fifth season of TWD? Would you like to see more companies shutdown rumours like this before they gain traction online? Leave a comment below.