SNK and developer Digital Eclipse have finally locked in a release date for the Samurai Shodown Neo Geo Collection.

It'll arrive on the Switch and PlayStation 4 on 28th July for $39.99 USD (or your regional equivalent). A physical release is expected to follow this in the summer, although Japan will get their own hard copies ahead of schedule on 30th June.

The collection includes a total of seven games - the final one is Samurai Shodown Perfect, which is described as a "mysterious final version" of Samurai Shodown V never before released to the public. It includes a brand-new story and ending and is said to be the "true and final game" made for the Neo Geo.

Players will be able to swap between the Japanese and English MVS arcade versions for each title. There'll also be some additional features such as scanlines, save functions, and online play (ranked and casual). Last but not least is the museum (containing 2,000 files that dive into the history of series) and the music player, which comes with 200+ tracks.

Will you be adding this to your HOME Menu on 28th July, or holding out for the physical release? Leave a comment down below.