N64 Game Pile
Image: Nintendo Life

Well, here's a fun little fact for you. Did you know that every single Nintendo 64 game ever released - across all regions - would be able to comfortably fit on one tiny Nintendo Switch game cartridge? You do now!

This interesting little tidbit was brought to our attention by Reddit user CorsairVI, who shared the fact online with the maths to prove it. As they explain, the maximum storage capacity of any official N64 game cartridge was 64MB, meaning that no game released for the system could be larger in size than that. In fact, most games would have been considerably less, but learning the exact file sizes for each game would be a monumental task.

A quick search online suggests that, across all regions, a grand total of 388 N64 games made it to retail. If you multiply the maximum of 64MB by 388, that leaves you with 24,832MB. In other words, that's 24.8 GB.

As you may know, the largest Switch cartridges available to publishers are 32GB in size, meaning that theoretically, you could take an official Switch cart from Nintendo and stick every single N64 game to ever exist on it.

Every single N64 game... on this?!
Image: Nintendo Life

Of course, as exciting as an official 'Complete N64 Library' Switch game would be, that will never, never happen (sorry). But it's still pretty amazing to think just how far technology has come over the last 20 years. Blimey.

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