Behold, the CyberGadget Protective Dock Cover
Image: CyberGadget

Like any popular gaming system, the Switch has seen its fair share of largely pointless accessories, but CyberGadget's latest effort is perhaps the most ridiculous yet.

The Japanese company is releasing a protective plastic panel for the front of your Switch dock – you know, that piece of hardware that sits under your telly and doesn't move.

Hitting Japanese store shelves on May 31st, the Protective Dock Cover slides onto the front of the dock and prevents it from getting marked or scratched. The clear plastic means you can still see the dock underneath – so that's something – but outside of that, we're not entirely sure why this needs to exist.

Sure, we've seen dock covers in the past, but those are usually aimed at giving the dock a splash of colour or preventing it from scratching the screen of the Switch when it's docked. CyberGadget's option doesn't do either – leaving us well and truly puzzled as to why anyone would think this was a good use of plastic.

Maybe we're in the minority – let us know if you'd invest in one of these by posting a comment below.