Teppei Okada
Image: Teppei Okada

Often, that wonderful feeling of nostalgia you get when loading up a game from your childhood comes from hearing the soundtrack or sound effects that used to blare out of your TV screen. From the iconic Super Mario Bros. theme to the Legend of Zelda's 'da da da daaaaa', there's bound to be a few sounds that instantly bring you back to happy times.

YouTube user Teppei Okada has captured that very sensation in the best way possible. One of his specialities is performing the soundtracks to classic games in real-time, with the game playing in the background. He was brought to our attention when this new F-Zero video started doing the rounds on social media this morning:

What a tune.

Perhaps the best thing about his performances, though, is the fact that he also uses his violin to recreate all of the little bleeps and bloops that play when you go through menus or stomp on Goombas. His Mario video arguably shows this best. It's truly wonderful:

And here's a Zelda one, just because:

Can you imagine how much better rounds of Mario Kart or Smash would be with a performance like this to spur you on? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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