Launching later this week on Nintendo Switch is Carnage: Battle Arena, a car combat game that'll have you smashing your opponents to pieces.

The aim of the game here seems to be less about racing to the finish line, and more about destroying everything in sight. In 'Death Match' mode, you have to fight against other vehicles, gaining points as you obliterate them; 'Survival' is a battle-royale-like combat match; 'Score Battle' has you searching for collectables for points; while 'Freedrive' allows you to explore the game’s maps at your own pace.

There's also a more standard racing mode, and you can complete challenges that guide you through the game. Here's the feature list, as found on the eShop:

82 AWESOME CARS: Sports cars, muscle cars, SUVs, trucks, and more!
MULTIPLE GAME MODES: Battle Arena, Racing, Survival and more!
EXTENSIVE DESTRUCTION MODEL: Cause havoc in the environments
UNIQUE VISUAL STYLE: Blocky, retro-styled graphics
DOZENS OF MAPS: Drive in a park, on a football field, even in the clouds
GAME-CHANGING POWER-UPS: Use them to turn the tide of battle

The game launches on Switch this Thursday, 14th May, for £13.49 / $14.99.

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