Nintendo Switch Cooling Fan

If you're worried about your precious - and expensive - Nintendo Switch system overheating, Game Tech has you covered with this new cooling fan, launching later this week.

It might look a bit ridiculous at first glance, but the product supposedly manages to dissipate heat from the console, cooling it down by "a maximum of 13 degrees". It attaches to the Switch via a series of suction cups so that it can be easily popped on and off, and is powered by batteries or by plugging it into the wall.

Those of us enjoying the UK's traditionally grey and miserable weather at the moment probably won't need such a thing, but the cooling fan is primarily being targeted at those living in Japan, where the summer months can be pretty brutal.

You can go ahead and pre-order one from Amazon Japan if you're interested; worldwide shipping is available, and it's scheduled to release tomorrow, 15th May.

Have you ever experienced any overheating problems with your Switch? Let us know if this fan sounds like a decent idea with a comment below.

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