The TakeOver

Remember Pelikan13's promising-looking '90s Super GT, formerly known as '90s Arcade Racer? Kickstarted way back in 2013, it was originally destined for the Wii U but – following a name change, the involvement of publisher Nicalis and a confirmed release on Switch (for 2014, lolz) – has practically vanished from the release schedule.

However, Pelikan13 has been working on something else while Nicalis sits on the game. The TakeOver is a side-scrolling fighter inspired by Streets of Rage and Final Fight, and even includes musical contributions by Yuzo Koshiro himself. It's due for launch on June 4th, and we're currently playing through the game ahead of our review.

During our play session, we noticed something in one of the stage backgrounds that got us excited – a '90s Arcade Racer / '90s Super GT sit-down arcade cabinet.

Could this be a subtle confirmation that the game isn't as dead as we've suspected? Or is it just a neat callback by Pelikan13 to one of its past projects? We've asked Nicalis for comment several times in the past and haven't had anything back, but perhaps the situation will change once The TakeOver is released on Switch?

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