A recent update to Mario Kart Tour added multiplayer team racing and custom matchmaking to the mobile game, but now the Jungle Tour is live and it's bringing back some fan-favourite members of the Kong clan to race alongside Mario and company.

DK and Diddy already feature as playable characters, but as you can see from the trailer above, both Funky Kong and Dixie Kong from the Donkey Kong Country series are joining the free-to-start game. Funky previously featured in Mario Kart Wii, but this is Dixie's debut on Mario's turf.

The Jungle Tour commemorative kart also sees a familiar face returning in the form of the Rambi Rider. Fans of the DK series will know Rambi can be quite the ally when it comes to clearing the route ahead, so it's good to see the rhino joining the racing roster, even in kart form. Check out the Rambi Rider trailer below for a taste:

The Jungle Tour is the 18th event in the game to date. It's available now and runs until 2nd June 2020.

Will you be taking to the roads in this Jungle Tour? Prefer your Mario Kart with a good old fashioned controller in your hands? Wish Funky and Dixie were in Mario Kart 8 instead? Let us know below.

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