Mario Kart Tour Multiplayer

A new update has drifted onto the scene in Mario Kart Tour, bringing with it a couple of welcome new features that should improve your multiplayer gaming experience.

The first new addition is Team Races, which puts players into four separate teams of two racers. These races can be made up of friends nearby, friends online, or strangers online, and each team will be competing to get themselves to the top of the podium to earn in-game rewards.

The second update adds a 'Room Code' feature. This allows you to create your own custom room and provides you with a code to share with your friends or family. This way, you'll be able to play with people you know - and only people you know - in matches that support up to eight players.

If you're wanting to check out these new features, make sure your app is fully up to date. You should find that the game is now on version 2.1.0 (or higher if you're reading this in the future).

Mario Kart Tour

Still play the odd game of Mario Kart Tour? Do these new features sound like a good addition to you? Tell us below.