With Paper Mario: The Origami King being revealed for Switch earlier this month, love for the series has once again started to unfold across all corners of the internet. Some take that passion further than others, and amazing videos like this are often the result.

YouTube user JorgeMV has shared a video showing the world and characters of Star Fox 64 in the style of Paper Mario, all wrapped up in a really neat animation. Software like Maya, C4D, After Effects, Illustrator and Photoshop were all used to make the video a reality, but more importantly, it's utterly charming.

"Star Fox 64 is my favorite game and I always liked the style of Paper Mario, so I thought about making a video that would combine both," JorgeMV says. "It took me a month and a half, but I finally had time to do it, it was a fun process and I learned a lot trying to improve the video day by day."

We particularly liked this scene...
Image: JorgeMV

Star Fox isn't the only Nintendo franchise to be given the fan-made Paper Mario treatment in recent times. We've also seen equally delicious takes on both The Legend of Zelda and Ice Climber.

Would you play a game like this? Should we get Nintendo on the phone, demanding for a fresh, paper-based take on the Star Fox franchise? Share your thoughts with us below.

[source youtube.com, via nintendosoup.com]